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Richard Toms - biography:

Hi Everyone!

As an artist, arts educator, education coordinator, print-shop supervisor, curator and Executive Director I want to invite you to visit my unique gallery. The gallery is comprised of mostly my work mixed with an eclectic assortment of interesting work I've collected. Mostly nautical or maritime-themed work from other artists. Oh, and check out my cabinet of strange objects, sculptures and curios.

It is almost impossible for an artist "from away" not to be influenced by the landscape of Prince Edward Island. From the lush green farmlands with their clash of complimentary colours to the shocking deep blue waters of the Northumberland Strait contrasted with the red-oxide shoreline-it is an artist's dream. The only problem is that the beauty and breadth of the landscape and the transitory nature of the weather puts to shame any attempt to capture it on canvas (if you don't like the weather, wait 10 minutes).

While Print Shop Supervisor of the Nicholas Novak Print Studio at Whitby's Station Gallery I collaborated on the creation of Fine Art Editions by well-known artists like Anne Meredith Barry and Master Printmaker Otis Tamasauskas. This position allowed me the opportunity to work independently in a well-equipped studio on my own etchings, lithographs and relief prints.

I've participated in over 100 group and solo shows in Ontario, Spain and France. My work has been featured in book publications like Paradigm Shifts 2 published by Quarry Press. As an artist I've won numerous awards, curated exhibitions and I continue to enjoy creating paintings, prints and drawings in my Belle River studio.

After spending 10 years in administration as Executive Director of the Visual Arts Centre of Clarington, I am happy to be a practicing artist again.

Stop by and say hi.


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